Paradigm Precision on target for Poland facility startup

2015-06-18 21:40

Stuart, Florida, USA - 06/18/2015 – Paradigm Precision is excited to announce a major investment in a new facility in the lower Silesia district of Poland. The initial technology focus will be on the precision machining of a wide range of aerospace components.  Processes employed will be turning, milling and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).  After finalizing the necessary Quality approvals, start-up production is expected in late 2015 with the introduction of the first product cell.

“The new Poland facility, in conjunction with our Guaymas, Mexico facility, is strategic to our Manufacturing Strategy going forward,” said Greg Bennett, President and CEO of Paradigm Precision. “These sites will provide us the necessary capacity and capability to meet the expected near-term market demand, while also allowing us to meet or exceed the extremely competitive pricing structures expected by our customers.“

About Paradigm Precision

Paradigm Precision is the market facing name for Dynamic Precision Group (DPG), a global leader in the manufacture of complex machined and fabricated assemblies for the Aerospace, Defense and Power Generation markets. DPG is a portfolio company of the Carlyle Group, AeroEquity Partners and other co-investors.  DPG acquired Turbocombustor Technology in 2011, which specializes in the production of critical aircraft engine components, Paradigm Precision Holdings in 2013, which specializes in the manufacture of complex, tight-tolerance machined and fabricated components for gas turbine engines, and eight aerospace component fabrication and machining facilities from Unison Engine Components, a subsidiary of GE Aviation, in 2013.  DPG’s core capabilities include laser services, air flow measurement, thermal coatings, electrical discharge machining, precision machining, and TCT Blast™.